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  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Churches of Christ

    Why do you call yourselves “Church of Christ”? What sets the Churches of Christ apart from others? What kind of music do you use in worship? … 20 common questions on the Church of Christ which find answers and detailed explanations in this brochure.

  • Answer to Jehovah’s Witnesses on the Divinity of Christ

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    An unequivocal study concerning the one called Emmanuel, the Christ, Jesus, the Anointed One, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Lord, the Savior, the First and the Last. A study which shows that the Bible, far from denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, to the contrary proclaims his divinity from one end to the other.

  • You Are a Royal Priesthood


    This book for the teaching and encouragement of those who are already Christians includes 11 chapters, each written by a different evangelist having served among the churches in French-speaking Europe. It deals with several aspects of the Christian life.

  • From Shadow to Reality: Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews

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    A carefully led study that makes detailed commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. It also shows that this remarkable letter, even though it makes numerous references to the Old Testament, must not make us believe that it is intended only for people who lived in another era. A newer edition of this publication is available for free download in several formats at

  • A Right Heart: Characteristics of the Heart that Pleases God

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    This deep and stimulating study begins with a brief description of the heart of God himself and continues by examining several examples of specific qualities that the Lord desires to find in our heart. Each one of these qualities ought to serve as an important goal in our Christian life.

  • Life in Christ: Your First Forty Days

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    This guide for the new Christian will offer him a meditation for each of his first forty days as a Christian, through which he will begin to listen to God’s voice, who speaks to his existence in all his aspects.

  • The Blood of Abel: Vengeance and Grace of God

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    “When we consider that not only must we not avenge ourself, but that we must even do good to those who hate us, it unfortunately happens to us to fall into the trap to think–even subconsciously–that all vengeance, even the very idea of vengeance, is detestable. Yet, Romans 12:9 seems to say the opposite.” A rich study on a neglected subject.