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  • Sanctification

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    The Christian is a disciple of Christ. Therefore, he is called to receive and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ his master. In this study, we have a clear summary of the principles that the Christian must know and follow.

  • You Are a Royal Priesthood


    This book for the teaching and encouragement of those who are already Christians includes 11 chapters, each written by a different evangelist having served among the churches in French-speaking Europe. It deals with several aspects of the Christian life.

  • Circumcision in the New Testament

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    Circumcision as it is commanded in the Old Testament by Moses, is it the same as what the apostles taught in the New Testament? This book gives a good presentation of this subject.

  • Words of Christ on the Mountain

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    A booklet that helps to better understand Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Teaching presented in eight chapters.

  • In Spirit and In Truth

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    An in-depth study on the biblical theme of Christian worship.

  • The God of Creation and Revelation

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    What does the Bible say about creation and revelation? What does it say about God? What does it say about our destiny and about the principles that make for peace and success in our lives? These are several questions that the author addresses.

  • The Story of Creation and the Theory of Evolution

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    A study that discusses the current scientific arguments concerning the creation of the world.

  • Youth Accuses

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    A perspective from the point of view of young people. One can say that according to certain commentaries young people ask some questions which most of the time go without answers. They ask questions about their daily and monotone existence; they sense contradictions in themselves and in others… Life without faith in God, the merits of which have been so often proclaimed to them, is nothing but an unending series of contradictions. Religious life, as they see it practiced around them does not have fewer contradictions. A booklet which deals with many of these questions and gives appropriate answers.