Author: Jacques Marchal

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  • Toward a Happy Marriage

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    Instructions that will help you discover or rediscover Jesus’ teaching on marriage, in order to reinforce the strength and durability of your household

  • When Are We Saved by the Blood?

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    The necessity of the sacrifice of Jesus and the conditional nature of the offer of salvation

  • Simply Christian

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    In our day so-called “Christian” sects (distinct religious groups) abound, and their teachings are often diametrically opposed. Many there are who ask whether it is possible to break free from such confusion to simply become a child of God, a disciple of Christ—nothing more, nothing less. In fact it is possible, and many people have done just that. This article will explain it to you.

  • Fasting / When Does the Blood of Christ Save?

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    The meaning of the practice of fasting according to the Bible. The conditions of salvation.

  • Does Hell Exist?

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    A study that defines and exposes things that should make us think about this dull and nightmarish place.

  • The Problem of Human Suffering

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    One of the problems about which people wonder is that of human suffering. Why does humanity suffer? Why do cares and disillusionment exist? What about sickness and death? Why must the innocent suffer? This study answers these questions and helps the reader understand the causes and consequences of human suffering.

  • Where Are the Dead?

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    Doctrinal study of the state of the dead while awaiting the Judgment.

  • Overcome Hatred with Love


    Hatred bring to life misery that makes it almost intolerable. But the person who loves enough can manage to overcome bitterness, resentment, hate.

  • Restoring the Church of the New Testament

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    Faced with the multitude of denominations claiming to follow Christ, it is imperative today to reestablish the Church as it is described in the New Testament. But how?

  • Is Faith Sufficient for Salvation?

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    “I believe, therefore I am saved.” Such is generally the attitude of most people. This  motto is deeply analyzed in this study.

  • The Christian Family

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    A study with several components: the nature of mariage, the problem of divorce, the duties of the husband and of the wife, and advice for a happy marriage.

  • The God of the Christians

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    The love of the true God distinguishes Him from all other gods; it is through Jesus Christ that we best know Him.

  • The Folly of Putting Off Until Tomorrow

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    You certainly see that every human being will have give an account one day to God, that your soul need to be saved and that the sacrifice of Jesus only has meaning if you accept him as Savior. However, you have hardly done anything so far to become a true Christian according to the teachings of the New Testament. Yet you are probably a sensible, religious person who loves God. Then this study is for you.

  • The Miracles that Jesus Did NOT Do

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    A study that analyzes the miracles that Jesus did as well as those he refused to do. It also reflects on men’s excessive desire to see miracles and asks if these miracles can save their souls.

  • Can We Agree When It Comes to Religion?

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    We often hear that people cannot agree in matters of religion. This document answers the question and offers edifying explanations.

  • Saved by Works? – James 2:24: A Poorly Understood Passage

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    There is a kind of works that do not save, but James, Paul, and all the inspired writers are in agreement that there is a kind of works that are necessary for salvation. Grace and obedience are not mutually exclusive. With the help of various biblical examples, this tract makes clear the meaning of a passage poorly understood (James 2:24).