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  • Does One Have the Right to His Own Truth?

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    More and more, the modern world espouses relativism. We are told that truth is whatever each individual thinks it is. That it depends on the cultures we live in and on our personal perceptions. Anyone who claims that there are objective and universal truths R considered arrogant and intolerant. How should the Christian think? Can he accept that each has his own truth, or does the Christian message apply to all peoples, everywhere and always?

  • The Christian and Suffering

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    A study which answers several questions concerning suffering in the life of the Christian. Among them, does God really promise that the Christian will see all his problems solved in this life? Is the message “Stop Suffering,” printed on banners above some places of worship, the one that the Lord asks us to preach to the world? Same content as CV6-N4.

  • The Unknown God / Advice for Small Congregations / Is Attendance Important?

    Deals with the nature of God; practical advice concerning the weaknesses that are often found in small congregations; the importance of church attendance

  • Prayer for the Dead

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    Should we pray for the dead, or are such prayers useless? Does Purgatory exist? Is it normal to classify sins as venial or mortal? Prayer for the dead is a part of most religious, but what does the Bible say about it? These are questions that this issue of Chemin de Vérité attempts to answer.

  • Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted

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    From being rejected by friends and family to being put to death, many Christians around the world endure persecution. What consolation do they have? Why are they persecuted? This article provides some specific answers.

  • How to Understand the Bible

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    This book examines some important principles for correctly interpreting the Bible and correctly applying it to our time. It is written in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible, for the Bible is not the exclusive domain of scholars. Fortunately, the rules to respect are matters of common sense: for example, one must take into account the grammar, the context, and everything else the Bible says about a given subject. Additionally, one must learn to recognize whether a passage uses figurative language or if it must be understood to the letter. Finally, one must avoid certain attitudes that hinder understanding. Whether you are a preacher or Bible teacher, a new Christian, or even an enthusiast who sees a need for some advice about reading the Bible in an intelligent manner before drawing conclusions about it, this book is for you.

  • Does God Want Me to Be Rich?

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    Presents the Christian attitude toward money and a Biblical response in 8 chapters to the “Gospel of Prosperity.”

  • How to Recognize False Teachers

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    This issue of Chemin de Vérité draws attention to the seriousness of false doctrine, the things that could prevent us from recognizing it, and the teaching of the Bible concerning how we ought to react to those who fall into doctrinal error or who contribute to its spread.

  • Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

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    Many who doubt the inspiration of the Bible emphasize the errors and apparent contradictions that they believe are found in its pages. Even believes are sometimes troubled by passages that they have difficulty reconciling. In this issue we attempt to show how to resolve various problems of this kind in order that the reader may know that plausible explanations exist and that they may always have confidence in the trustworthiness of the Bible.

  • Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s

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    Human governments sometimes seem to be a mixed blessing: they are always necessary, yet the restrictions and duties they impose are sometimes excessive, or even tyrannical. What kind of relationship ought the Christian to have with his government? What are our responsibilities toward the government, and are they absolute? This issue examines various Biblical passages on this theme.

  • Mixed Marriages (In Terms of Religion)

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    This issue uses Biblical arguments in order to encourage Christians to marry from among themselves rather than to form bonds with non-Christians. The faithfulness of the Christian, the couple’s happiness, and the salvation of their children often depend on it. The issue also reminds the reader of New Testament’s counsel for those who, for whatever reason, are already in religiously mixed marriages.

  • The Theory of Evolution: Should It Be Accepted?

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    Calls into question Darwin’s theory, bringing out the fundamental weaknesses of the evolutionary system that leads numerous people to abandon belief in God.

  • Sins of the Tongue

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    We all know that it is possible to sin in word, but can we avoid the sins of the tongue if we are unable to identify them? In this edition, we briefly examine the different sins of the tongue condemned in the Word of God, such as lies, insults, slander, blasphemy, foul language, and others.

  • Commentary on the Epistles of Paul to Timothy and Titus

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    Verse by verse explanations of the text

  • Commentary on Revelation

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    Verse by verse explanation of the text of Revelation

  • Commentary on 1 and 2 Peter and Jude

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    Verse-by-verse explanation