Author: Richard Andrejewski

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  • I Have Come To…

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    The mission of Jesus according to his own declarations: to fulfill the law and the prophets, to call sinners, to enlighten the world, to give his life as a ransom.

  • Walking by Faith

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    The world today is characterized by what is material, people on believe what they see, and anything they cannot “prove” is called imaginary. This study helps us discover and follow a different path, the one of faith rather than sight.

  • The Contemporary Nature of the Bible’s Message

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    The Bible’s advice concerning the Christian and the State, relationships in the workplace and family life apply just as well today as two thousand years ago.

  • My God, Why?

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    A study from the words that Jesus pronounced on the cross: “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” A study that calls us to the foot of the cross with the “why’s” of our anguish and pain.

  • Ecclesiastes

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    Brief glimpse at this book suffused with wisdom

  • The Greatness of Ordinary Things

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    We should not let ourselves by distracted by sensational things of the modern world, no be wistful for the times of Biblical miracles, but rather recognize the presence and work of God in every moment of life

  • Idolatry

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    The tendency toward idolatry has always been pronounced in human history. It expresses in man, even the most primitive, a more or less precise consciousness of that which is spiritual. In this study we find a clear definition of idolatry and its implications in everyday life.

  • A Certain Social Gospel

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    A gospel which deals with people but forgets God.

  • Patience

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    Nice edification concerning the value and nature of patience, which knows how to wait and knows how to suffer

  • The Sand or the Rock

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    Exhortation to have an obedient faith

  • The Delinquency of Adults

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    A somewhat surprising theme since one generally speaks of the delinquency of youth. And yet this study will open your eyes and give you a more meaningful and inclusive perspective on the subject of delinquency in general.

  • With All My Being

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    The discovery of Christ is always something revolutionary in a life. It is as if man has been caught in the middle of a race and sent off in another direction, toward a different goal. All his energy is mobilized toward what apparently is for him that which is essential. An edifying study on the daily consecration of our life to Christ.

  • A Time to Be Quiet

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    A study which invites us to experience various degrees of silence by which we can rise to levels where God awaits us.

  • Is Christ Divided?

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    Oh how important a concern is the perfect unity of believers! To the point that before the beginning of the Church, Christ our Lord prayed about the subject – we can read his prayer in John 17:19-23. This brochure explores the subject and makes a timely and significant contribution.

  • A Soft and Gentle Murmur

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    An exhortation based on I Kings 19:9-13 and specially aimed at people who are discouraged

  • The Problem of Evil and Suffering

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    The problem of evil and suffering is a difficult obstacle to overcome for those who sincerely seek God and who try to find him by reasoning with their human intelligence. This article helps to lift the veil.