Author: Richard Andrejewski

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  • A Religion that Costs Me Nothing

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    Exhortation to a faith that participates

  • Speaking the Same Thing

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    To understand one another, we must mean the same thing when using the same words.

  • I’m Afraid to Commit

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    One doesn’t require a little child to walk confidently on his first attempt! One doesn’t require that he be free from all apprehension before trying. And yet, that is what many people expect of themselves in spiritual things. This study helps to face one’s fear.

  • The Abundant Life

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    If the shepherd goes looking for the lost sheep, it is surely to save it from death, but also to bring it back to safety and abundant food. The Christian soul is not the sheep condemned to hunt for some scarce grass in an inadequate pasture; it is rather the favored sheep who can come and go, in perfect freedom, and find abundant pasture. A study of the abundance of life in Christ.

  • Discoveries

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    Encouragement to discover one’s inner man, one’s sin and one’s Savior

  • The Sin of the Honorable Man

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    What could be the sin of the man who is described as honorable? Jesus presented several of them in his parables. A thought-provoking study for the person who wants to put on the incorruptibility promised by Christ.

  • The New Morality

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    No one can deny, even the most optimistic, that our time is characterized by a serious decline in morals. Cynicism and eroticism run rampant. This study exposes the reasons, reveals the origin and provides direction for the Christian.

  • What is Tradition?

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    Study on the sources of divine truth

  • Reflections on the Unity of Believers

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    Why are there so many divisions among those who believe in God? Don’t they have the same God? A study which brings answers to these questions while showing the Biblical course of action which, when it is followed, unites the children of God.

  • The Book Where God Speaks to Me


    Deep study on the authenticity of the Bible, giving reasons we can have confidence in the Bible and its inspiration by God Himself.

  • Is Your God Too Small?

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    This study explains God’s will for us and what must be the meaning of our life, that is both its importance and its direction. It also shows that the discovery of the true meaning of life is not a purely intellectual attainment, but causes a radical change, a transformation of the inner being.

  • Mary and Martha

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    A study on making judicious choices in our life priorities

  • Believer or Christian?

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    We skip lightly from the word “believing” to the word “Christian” as if these two terms were synonymous. They should be. They could be. But in fact, they are not. This study demonstrates the fact and invites us to make a choice.

  • The Nature of and Reason for the Scriptures

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    A study which helps us understand the work of education, of correction, of recovery and of transformation done by health Biblical training.

  • Two Questions You Must Face

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    The two Biblical questions are: “What do you think of the Christ?” and “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

  • The Realities of the Invisible World

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    The spiritual dimension is a reality.