Author: Richard Andrejewski

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  • Pride

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    An important study on an almost universal problem

  • Two Thieves on the Cross

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    Three crosses stand on a hill outside Jerusalem. Three men endure the torture reserved for the worst of offenders. Two of these men deserve their condemnation. The one in the middle has done nothing wrong. It is Jesus of Nazareth. And yet, it is because of sin that he must die. An article which leads us to discover the scene of the crucifixion and its implications.

  • The Strait Gate

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    Study on the nature of the message of Christ and the dispositions one must have to gain eternal life

  • The Different Baptisms in the Bible

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    A brief study that sorts out the various baptisms referred to in Scripture

  • Itching to Hear Pleasant Things

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    The tragedy of our modern society is that instead of living the Gospel, it tries desperately to adapt this unchanging Gospel to the forms of modern life, alas! A study that warns us of this danger.

  • Faith and Works

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    A study of the different kinds of faith, different kinds of works, the relation between them and their role in our salvation.

  • God Is Not Mocked

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    The accent is placed on the idea that “what a man sows (of good or of evil), that shall he reap.”

  • The Three Tribunals

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    For every human being, there exist three tribunals. What are they? Learn about them in this brochure.

  • The Walls of Our Faith

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    A fascinating study based on the book of Nehemiah and which invites us to work to rebuild the walls of our faith, to repair the breaches with God in spite of the repeated assaults of enemies.

  • From God or From Men

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    Study on the importance of respecting inspiration

  • The Power of Prayer

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    Edification on the power of prayer

  • The Abundant Life

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    If the shepherd goes looking for the lost sheep, it is surely to save it from death, but also to bring it back to safety and abundant food. The Christian soul is not the sheep condemned to hunt for some scarce grass in an inadequate pasture; it is rather the favored sheep who can come and go, in perfect freedom, and find abundant pasture. A study of the abundance of life in Christ.

  • The Dawn After the Night

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    A message to elderly people, be they Christian or not

  • Discoveries

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    Encouragement to discover one’s inner man, one’s sin and one’s Savior

  • The Sabbath

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    A lot of people are concerned by the question of the sabbath. It is an important question. In this brochure it is addressed honestly and clearly, and specific Biblical answers are given.

  • The Notion of Sin

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    Confronts the reader with the reality of his sin and his need for salvation