Author: Richard Andrejewski

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  • Belief

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    For how many people is faith that light which brightens all of life and directs it in the smallest details? A study which helps to reconsider faith.

  • Itching to Hear Pleasant Things

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    The tragedy of our modern society is that instead of living the Gospel, it tries desperately to adapt this unchanging Gospel to the forms of modern life, alas! A study that warns us of this danger.

  • Faith and Works

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    A study of the different kinds of faith, different kinds of works, the relation between them and their role in our salvation.

  • God Is Not Mocked

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    The accent is placed on the idea that “what a man sows (of good or of evil), that shall he reap.”

  • The Three Tribunals

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    For every human being, there exist three tribunals. What are they? Learn about them in this brochure.

  • The Walls of Our Faith

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    A fascinating study based on the book of Nehemiah and which invites us to work to rebuild the walls of our faith, to repair the breaches with God in spite of the repeated assaults of enemies.

  • From God or From Men

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    Study on the importance of respecting inspiration

  • The Power of Prayer

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    Edification on the power of prayer

  • O Death, Where Is Your Victory

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    As long as death is there, life, regardless of its length, will always be a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. Faced with death, swaggering man is disarmed. He is impotent. He is unhappy. Only Christ has defied and dominated this spectre. A teaching shedding light on the true reward of the Christian.

  • Pride

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    An important study on an almost universal problem

  • The Dawn After the Night

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    A message to elderly people, be they Christian or not

  • The Different Baptisms in the Bible

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    A brief study that sorts out the various baptisms referred to in Scripture

  • The Sabbath

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    A lot of people are concerned by the question of the sabbath. It is an important question. In this brochure it is addressed honestly and clearly, and specific Biblical answers are given.

  • The Notion of Sin

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    Confronts the reader with the reality of his sin and his need for salvation

  • Seek First the Kingdom

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    Jesus reveals to men the true key to existence; il makes available to us the means of escaping the labyrinth of life, prey to anguish and permanent worry. This study helps to discover or rediscover this revelation.

  • About Christmas

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    A study in which the author shares with you some remarks on this big holiday for which people prepare weeks in advance. Every year it’s the same thing: preparing Christmas Eve parties, reserving places in restaurants…, whereas the ignorant masses don’t even know what they are doing or what they believe… from the Santa Claus of legend to the “baby Jesus” who has never grown up in many minds and whom they only like because he is all sweetness and gives no offense.