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  • Love

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    Few words in our vocabulary have been tarnished, as soiled, as mutilated as the word LOVE. Our literature often reduces it to a feeling that draws people toward one another (members of the opposite sex); to the point where one could say that love, as it exists in our society, is not but the exchange of fantasies and contact of two epidermises. A study which stimulates reflection and understanding of this feeling.

  • Making Life a Success

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    Over three quarters of the world’s population has as its priority to succeed in life, to improve prospects for a job, or to marry and guarantee the future of their families. Everyone wants to succeed in life. But how? A study on success in life

  • The Testing of Your Faith

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    A Christian is a man of faith. However he doesn’t settle for saying he has faith. He also knows how to demonstrate it. A study based on the exhortation of the apostle Peter concerning the testing of our faith.

  • The End of the World

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    Brings together several Bible passages that present fundamental truths concerning the return of Christ, the end of the world and the final judgment.

  • Mary

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    Study on the true role of Mary, the mother of Jesus

  • Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

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    This question will probably surprise you, and yet it doesn’t require a lot of research to recognize that the cultivation of well-founded, intelligent religious convictions is relatively rare. A study which helps to clearly understand the assurance of salvation

  • Do We Have a Soul?

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    Unfortunately, many are those who are drawn to the materialist doctrine according to which human beings have no soul distinct from the body, by its nature and its destiny. Everything dies with him. This study holds to the Christian and Biblical side of the question

  • The Two Resurrections

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    Doctrinal study based on John 5:21-29

  • What Meaning Should We Give to Life?

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    To better understand life

  • A World in Turmoil

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    A warning against the deceptive charms of the world which turn our eyes from the things of God

  • Teach Us to Pray

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    This expression comes from a question asked by an apostle to Jesus, who had just finished praying. Intriguing question, since it came from an apostle, himself a Jew, and thus someone who had prayed from the time of his youth. However, having seen the fervor, effectiveness and results of the prayer of Jesus, he could not help but ask, in the name of the group of disciples, for the secret to such praying. Today many Christians still need to know more about this subject.

  • You Are Not Far from the Kingdom

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    Study on the nature of the kingdom

  • The Ways of God

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    God does not think as men do.

  • What Are We to Understand by “Conversion”?

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    The concept of conversion to God

  • Two Thieves on the Cross

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    Three crosses stand on a hill outside Jerusalem. Three men endure the torture reserved for the worst of offenders. Two of these men deserve their condemnation. The one in the middle has done nothing wrong. It is Jesus of Nazareth. And yet, it is because of sin that he must die. An article which leads us to discover the scene of the crucifixion and its implications.

  • The Strait Gate

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    Study on the nature of the message of Christ and the dispositions one must have to gain eternal life