Bible Reading Plan

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What is the Bible Reading Plan?

The Bible Reading Plan is a tool that will help you achieve the goal to read the entire Bible in a set amount of time. Rather than telling you which passages to read on which day, this tool allows you to set your own pace and read in the order you wish. It will remember which books and chapters you have read and suggest an adaptive reading pace to help you meet your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As you read through the Bible, enter how many chapters you have read in each book. The reading tool will suggest a pace to help you read the remaining chapters in the time that you have left and display your progress toward meeting your goal.

How do I save my reading progress?

Find the book of the Bible you wish to update and click it to expand its controls: the plus, minus, and ALL buttons. Click the plus (+) button to increase the number of chapters, or click ALL to indicate you have read the entire book. When you have entered the correct number, click “Save Progress.”

Is the Bible Reading Plan free?

Yes. There is no cost for using this tool.

Do I need to create an account?

You do need to register with a free account so that the website can save your progress. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

Do I have to read the Bible in a certain order?

No. You can read the books of the Bible in any order you choose.

Can I read more than one book of the Bible at a time?

Sure. This tool will remember how many chapters you have read in each book. Note that you must save your progress for one book at a time. For example, if you are reading in Genesis and in Matthew on a single day, first enter and save the number of chapters for Genesis, and then do the same for Matthew.

What happens if I get behind/ahead in my reading schedule?

No problem. You can read more or less than recommended, and the tool will adjust its suggested pace to help you meet your goal in the remaining time.

Do I have to update every day?

No. Some people will prefer to update less frequently, such as after completing whole books of the Bible.

How long are the reading periods? Is this a yearly reading plan?

This works well as a yearly reading plan, but you can choose any length for the reading period that you wish.

Do I have to start on a certain day?

No. Some people like to start reading on the first of the year, but if you have not already started daily Bible reading, then today is the best day to begin.

Can I set up a reading plan for portions of the Bible?

No. This plan assumes you will read through all 66 of God’s inspired books in the Bible.

I already started reading through the Bible using a different plan. Do I have to start over to use this tool?

No. You can begin where you are. Set up your reading plan by entering the date on which you began reading (it can be approximate), and then set your desired number of days starting from that date. Once you have set up the plan, enter the number of chapters you have read for each book thus far.

Can I use this tool on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, if your device can access normal web pages. The layout will adjust to be accessible on smaller screens.

Do I always have to update my progress from the same computer/device?

No. Because we save your progress in your user account, you can sign in to that account and update your progress from any device.

When setting up my reading plan, why do I need to select a city in the same timezone as I am?

In order to recommend how many chapters to read “today,” we need to accurately know when “today” begins in your part of the world.

I made an error when I set up my reading plan. Can I edit the settings without losing my progress?

Yes. Click on the link “Edit Settings / Reset Reading Plan” and update the settings as you desire. Be sure that you DO NOT check “Start fresh,” then click “Use these settings.”

Some of the books of the Bible are missing.

By default, the list of Bible books displays only those that you have not completed. To view all books, including those you have completed, click on “Show all books” at the top of the list of books.

I got too far behind. Can I add more time to my reading goal?

Yes. Click on the link “Edit Settings / Reset Reading Plan” and update the settings as you desire. Be sure that you DO NOT check “Start fresh,” then click “Use these settings.”

I read through the whole Bible. What do I do next?

Read it again! To begin a new reading period, click on the link “Edit Settings / Reset Reading Plan” and update the settings as you desire. Check “Start fresh,” then click “Use these settings.”