• Conversions in Acts

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    The Gospels and epistles provide for us ample clues about the process of conversion, but it is especially the book of Acts where we see numerous examples of conversions. It is in this book that we see exactly what the apostles said from the Lord when they were preaching to lost man. It is in Acts that the Bible reveals for us what these lost people did in order to obey the Gospel. Their cases serve for us as a model to follow. We want to gain the same salvation as the first Christians. We want to enter into the same kingdom, the same church. We want to have access to the same joy, the same blessings. Thus, we have great interest to carefully study the book of Acts, the “book of conversions.” This study is published with the intention to help you do just that. It will serve as a resource of useful information for the teacher and the student, as well as a tool for evangelization.